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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


Growing up in our families especially those born in before 1994. most of us we never had any guidance about money and sex in our families and most of the times whenever our parents spoke about money it was a fight about it and never about how to invest it. As for sex that has been made to look like something bad coz our mothers and grannies made our sister feel very very bad about being next to boys, our sisters were only told boys are bad but never told the real reason that their sexual hormones are now strong and that being next to a boy will easily trigger them of which it could lead to unprotected sex which leads to pregnancy or STDs.

The sad part when it comes to girls between the age of 12-16 is that some would be beaten by their own mothers if they play with boys and never told the real reason why they must not play with boys. I personally do not like blaming, but our parents since they already had experience especially about sex they could have helped reduce the rate at which single mothers are increasing, am not saying there has never been single mothers before but the rate at which that it is increasing it is clear that our parents failed to play their roles and they do not want to admit their failures. I do fully understand though that our parents treated us they way they were also treated by their own parents and since am from the african family we all know that as child you are never taught to question things and thats is why our parents couldn’t tell us about money and sex coz they were also clueless. Let us all forgive them.

On money I cannot talk too much coz the best thing we know about it is that you must work for it and learn how to save it. I was never ever told that it is possible to have money working for me by my parents that was my own discoveries.

As a single parent living in the Information Age, forgive yourself for the past mistakes you made and learn from them, going forward as a solution in order to open up about money and sex, start talking more about money and sex, why? this are the two main driving forces of why we are living, all human beings are a product of sex and you being able to read this blog post now is a product of money. The clothes you are wearing is a product of money, you are schooling, working, hustling or doing whatever business coz you want money so why not have the language of money as your new thing so that you can learn more about money and sex too? I know the bible somehow makes sex an immoral thing but use your mind and ask yourself why did God create something that He did not want you to use? He is almighty if He really wanted sex to be done after marriage He could have made us not to get horny until we are married or maybe above the age of 25, but He didn’t coz he wanted us to learn a huge responsibility on how to handle our hormones and emotions when it comes to such topics. Be open minded from now going forward and talk about money and sex so that you will be able to learn from other people as well. We all love what money can do, Sex is an art that needs practice in order to be enjoyed.

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