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It is a process of teaching the mind how to memorise only the answers provided to it and never to question them,
it is a process of teaching the mind that discoveries that were made by people who died long time ago are only the best ones and you must know them,
it is a process of killing the creativity and increasing productivity,
it is a process of judging your intelligence on how well you can memorise answers from your textbook,
it is a process of proving the mind with only one side of the coin(Education Is The Key To Success) but educated people work for people without diplomas and some of them can’t even speak so called proper english,
it is a process of teaching the mind what to think and not how to think,
it is a process of making the mind obey rules made by another person and without questioning them,
it is a process that created all this division among us as human beings coz the creators of the schooling system new very well that when human beings when united are vey dangerous and can produce anything to destroy them.
It is a process that promotes competition technically and theoretically promotes team work but try asking your classmate to remind you an answer during exams and see what will happen to you.
School is a process of training the mind it is good to believe that you deserve a job after all the hard work of memorising all the ideas of other people in your mind but except yours.
How many exams you wrote durning schooling days?

Was there any exam that asked about you(How is your family situation and how can you change it, if it’s not good and if it’s good what can others do to have the same?), your views about life?, your dreams?, your passion?, your understanding about love and all kinds of relationships?, your understand abut money? Me, I do not remember any. Academic Education Is A Scam, It stole more than 14 years of my time and it could have been 7 years coz the most important thing in life is knowing how to read, write, count, understand and speak your mind. Wisdom breeds knowledge and we were not told that hence we have a lot of dumb educated people with degrees who do not understand life and do not understand money. I don’t blame them. its the system. Accountants were taught how to count money but they fail to count their own, Why school system taught them to count other people’s money, it is actually illegal for an accountant to be broke but they are broke coz we have been made to have broke minds.



Well am not saying hate school but am opening up your eyes.

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