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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


Ladies stop expecting your man to be superman and treat him like your servant.

He must call me – why can’t you call? Are you disabled? send him a call back it will still show that you are thinking of him.

He used to call me 3 times a day – How many times did you call him?

He used to buy me lunch and take me out now he doesn’t anymore – have you bought him lunch and took him out?

He used to make love to me 3 times now it’s once – how many times have you made love to him?

He must buy me airtime and give me money to do my hair – who said to you a man must take care of your personal responsibilities, are you in a relationship or in a card less without a pin ATM?

He must give me money to buy new clothes because I must look good for him – No sesi you are wrong you have a weak mind you don’t think, your head is full of water, its not about impressing him but its about building a long lasting relationship but if you are going to be a responsibility then be guaranteed he will leave you for a better woman that see a value of the relationship than what money can buy.

If he is not calling me and sending me any sms at the usual time it means he with another woman – No sesi we normally do that just test your mind if do you care about the communication or you just want to make assumptions and accuse him of  cheating instead of picking that phone and check on him.

In short ladies(THOSE THAT ARE VICTIMS) stop being parasites and always being on the receiving end in a relationship. It’s a relationship for fuck sake(excuse my language). We are both accountable for its survival or fall, don’t get surprised when he cheats because you have become too predictable and boring that’s why he has changed. up your game women. This is 2015. What worked with your mom and grandma is no longer working now, take this for granted and you will remember me. up your Game. Don’t quote me the bible please because it needs an update too, things are changing so you need to go with time.

We as men love being spoiled too and being called in short everything we do to you we want it reciprocated. And stop living in the 60&80s now you stop loving a man that wants you and you don’t want because you can also make a move on that guy you like. but Mxo what if he says No? How may times do you think I have been told NO by those I liked but I never gave up? For how long will you wait on man to want you while you can position yourself to be seen by him? You have been too comfortable, it’s your turn to Shela us now. Women’s month should not be once a year but it’ must be everyday men and women’s day. We are all equal here.

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