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Turning Anger Into Positive Energy

Anger not well controlled becomes such a bad and a negative emotion that builds all kinds of negative forces in our mind and it is normally fuelled by how we react to what people said to us or someone was gossiping about you. Sad part about anger is that we tend to say or do things that we regret later due to this negative force called anger of which takes place only in our minds, have you noticed that the person who actually made you angry or whatever it can be that made you angry is always relaxed and never really intended to make you angry? The next question is how does one deal with this anger and use to do good things in life instead of regretting later? I did it and it helped me to do good, I lived with anger from an early childhood and that is more than 12 years, today am proud to say to you can also do it too and live an anger free life, yes anger free life whereby nobody can make you angry anymore. I wrote a book that will assist you on how to turn your anger into positive attitude, please click here and get yourself the book.

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Thanks for sharing your view I found it verying interesting.

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