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Trust Issues In A Relationship

Trust Issues in your relationship?
You are the problem! Huh but how?
Answer: You don’t trust yourself.
You became a security in your relationship instead of trusting yourself. I know it doesn’t really make sense, maybe he cheated or she cheated and you didn’t, so how is this related to you as the main cause to the whole situation?
Example 1: You normally become negative whenever he or she doesn’t pick up her phone or his phone especially at night and you start being suspicious for something you are not sure about and when it happens you say I knew it. No you didn’t know it but you attracted it.
Example 2: The relationship is more about you than the two of you, he or she must do what makes you happy and you don’t return the favour and whenever what makes you happy is not done for more than 3 times you start being suspicious instead of asking yourself are you also making your partner happy the way he or she does to you.
Thats just the least of it. Watch your thoughts about your relationship.

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Law Of Attraction is always working wether you believe in it or you don’t. Keep on sending out those negative vibrations they will keep on coming back to you.
What you focus on expands negative or positive.

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