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The Following are some of the common failures of intimate relationships

  • Wanting to be loved,
    understood and accepted But you don’t love yourself, you don’t understand yourself and you haven’t accepted yourself the way you are.
  • Wanting your partner know
    what you are thinking and deliver what is only existing in your
  • Having a relationship without
    goals i.e
    what do you want to achieve as partners in 5-10 years
  • Loving someone due to
    materials they posses and they minute they lose them you vanish
  • Loving someone for their
    appearance, once you get tired of it you want the next one
  • Loving a person who
    doesn’t  share the same vision of
    life with you
  • Loving someone just because
    they are good but not good enough for who you are and your life plans, don’t hijack someone who is not going your direction that is going to hurt you alone.
  • Having a relationship without
    effective communication, communication is 90% of the relationship and sex is 10% provided it’s great sex.
  • Especially women, loving a
    man because you hope he will marry you one day or soon, you will be disappointed please change
  • Especially women, focusing
    too much on the wedding day and fail to plan for the marriage life. Wedding day takes less than 72 hours and marriage is life time, change your thinking or else you are going to add to the statistics of divorce rate.
  • Rushing to marriage without
    having a stable financial plan, you will lose all your happiness due to lack of finance in the relationship and you will think your partner has changed but no, you both failed to plan the financial of the marriage.
  • Making kids thinking it’s the
    solution  to keep your partner with
    you, forget it, that will never work. 
  • Making kids without  having a stable financial plan, if money has never been important to you now you know it is, when kids are not well taken care of financially that causes arguments and leads to break ups.
  • Loving someone who is never
    wrong,  unfortunately that kind of a person is toxic for your health and happiness 
  • Being in love with a moody
    person and always gets angry over nothing now and again that kills the
  • Not understanding what is a
    relationship, this is very common, on my next blog I will tell you what is a relationship 
  • Being afraid to speak openly
    to your partner about issues affecting the relationship, your partner must be your friend.
  • Cheating on your partner
    whenever there are challenges facing the relationship, that is being a coward, I know it’s not easy to face your partner and say you don’t want the relationship with them anymore but you have to develop the courage to do that.
  • Wanting your partner to
    always do things your way but his/her way is never taken
  • Being obsessed and over
    protective towards your partner, we tend to forget that we need to love ourselves as well and we love our partners more than they love themselves which is bad to our hearts.
  • Lacking trust on your partner
    always want to know where he/she is even when they are in the toilet. Your partner is old enough to know what is wrong or right so please trust them and you will never to ask those questions again instead they will tell you without you asking.

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12 comments on “The Following are some of the common failures of intimate relationships


Agreed on the same vision

Kagiso Gupta

You made my day. I’ll refer to this blog. Thanks MXO


couldn’t agree more

maria mashiloane

True my brother

Thanks Ausi for aking your time to readi my blog and I hope you learned a thing or two


So true hey, its good know who you are and what do u want in life. Love truly with no conditions

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog


I love what I read, thanks Ntate Mashiloane.

My pleasure sesi and thanks for taking your time to read this

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