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Solutions To Financial Struggles

Making Money Out Of Your Normal Shopping


  • Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem to make more than you do but some of them look dumb to you but they living a life you wish for?
  • Do you always think that to make money you need money?
  • Do you find yourself saying am not business minded I can’t make money?
  • Does making money that will make you comfortable with your lifestyle look so impossible?
  • Are you currently only relying on your salary?
  • What do you think will happen if you lost your your job, can you still make money?
  • Do you think relying on your salary only is the best thing to do keeping in my mind that the economic conditions are changing yearly and inflation is going up on a yearly basis?
  • Do you think getting  few hundred  rand back for your daily shopping /spend would be a bad idea?


Allow me to tell you that now in South Africa and globally there is a new way to make money out of your normal grocery shopping, clothing, internet shopping, fixing your car, etc.  You are not going sell anything but just invite all your family and friends to sign up for free of charge to make money. Yes for free, it starts with you, sign up for free and sign up all of your family and friends then continue doing your regular shopping and what will differ is that you will produce your LYONESS shopping card with selected LYONESS Merchants to get cash back and shopping points.


What are you waiting for? Send your email to mxolisi@mxolisi.com and I will forward you a link to sign up or call 076 340 3958 for more clarity.


Please Note currently I can easily help people around Pretoria but if you do understand internet very well then feel free to drop me your email.

No chancers please, only people who are willing to walk an extra mile to change their lives, as much as to join is free but efforts will be required to make things happen.


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