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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


He will be focused on making his dreams a reality, he will do all he can and he will definitely make it, now where are the stupid intentions? While he was pushing hard to make his dreams a reality he ignored how to balance relationships regardless of having tons of ignorant girls there are those who would date a hustler even when is -R500k in debts and still be with him coz she knows that debts do not define your life neither your financial future status.

Then he will work and not even have a skill on how to select the good woman for his riches.
What he does is wishing for those yellow bones, the nice curvy round ass women and those with balanced beauty from face to a nice modeller body but he can’t go to any of them coz he judges himself of what will they say.

His stupidity begins here: He now has the Golf Gti/Range Rover Sport/Jeep SRT/AMG C 63,etc you name them and a town house, he is now ready to be seen that he has made it and all he does is to impress coz it really does good fir his ego hey. He starts running after those women he was wishing for while in his struggles and spoils them with money, takes them out to night clubs, buys them moet, all the expensive booze, trips and now that he releases how stupid this women are coz they are attracted by money and flashy cars and bond houses, he continues with this stupid behaviour and later ends up marrying a trophy wife with either matric only or no matric just because she is beautiful and she boosts his ego but not his bank balance neither his investments, that woman become a higher liability in his pocket and he starts losing his mind and ends up being broke and back to his home.

Motive of the Story, gents it is a good thing to hustle but learn to balance relationships too and give that part of life time to also make mistakes in it while on your way to the top or else all that you worked for will be lost in just a minute. Be Wise. Have a woman that will be an asset not a liability. Her beauty means nothing if she can’t help you grow your empire. Being a beautiful woman needs to be beneficial and an extensionality to your life in general. If you always have to spend to see her then dump that thing it is useless.

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