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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


Dear My sister, My brother, it might happen that you wanted to be an educated person and you have studied until a certain level but you couldn’t finish your studies due to financial problems and you now feel like you are not a person of value when you are with your friends and you can’t speak the big english words they speak.

Allow me to tell you this, do not allow that paper called a certificate determine your fate, Why? All the educated people are looking for jobs but very few of them ever question that if we are all looking for jobs then who is responsible for creating those jobs especially with tertiary institutions full of people with the same mindset of looking for jobs. So change your mindset and create jobs in the very same field you are interested in or a different field. Education system was designed to undermine people without Diplomas and Degrees but believe me when I say to you the very same qualified people work for investors who got no diploma some got no metric. Your wisdom beats any qualification out there.

Use your wisdom coz it is natural and free, trust me once you have established your company, you will be surprised when the people with diplomas and degrees come to you looking for jobs. WISDOM IS KEY TO SUCCESS, you only need little knowledge and a lot of self educating practically and creating new fresh knowledge and then you will win.

There is a huge difference between being qualified and being educated. An educated person can bring in new fresh knowledge and a new invention that can be studied at school and become a career. A qualified person works with the knowledge of that field he or she has and can modify it there and there. I know of people who go to school just to get a job and those who love what they are doing but never get an opportunity to finish that career. Let no paper distract you from being what you want to be.

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