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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


It took you 12 years to have a matric certificate if you did it on record like me, then it took you another 4 years of tertiary life to get either a diploma or a combination of certificates, another 2-3 year of internship. The total number of years spent in total just to have an income is 19 years……please note this is just an example based on reality.

So it took you 19 years to have an income but your income was not even R100k directly after that 19 years right, unless you are those lucky ones.

If it takes 19 years being trained to be employable and only to earn less than R30k after that 19 years then why is spending 5 years or more learning a business that will make you a millionaire to a billionaire a problem?

Just like schooling to be an employee, business is unfortunately also a school but without an exam but instead your teacher is Mr Mistakes and your lecturer is Mr Failure. Your certificate is your 1st million rand, your diploma are your assets and your B-Tech is your 1st R100m and the rest will follow. Do not give up on your journey to be a business person if it took you 12 years to have matric but still made no money after it. Same mentality you applied to have you matric is the same mentality you need to have your 1st million rand.

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