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Welcome To Mxolisi’s site

This website was developed with you on my mind, I have been through a lot of challenges in my life to an extent that now I am very strong and I will be surprised when I see  people struggling with matters of life that I will see them very easy to me and even have solutions on how to solve them. But my mind will kick in and remind me that I can use my life experiences and help my fellow brothers and sister regardless of the skin, we have common problems which shows that we are all God’s children and He uses similar tests to see how strong are we. In this site/blog expect to learn about the matters of life from my experiences and I will collect experiences from other people which will be quoted to show it’s not my story. I want to be the reason why you didn’t give up on life, I love to make people happy and be part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. Enjoy my blog and I hope you do learn something from me.

What to expect:

Relationship tips or advises

Personal finance education

Different ways you can try to make money and liberate yourself

Learning more about the internet business

Digital products that will be for sale.

I also welcome open discussions from you, you can email me your story that is unique and you feel you want to share with the world.


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