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Doing It The Information Age Way

Maybe you are wondering what is the Information Age exactly, Information Age is the world of internet whereby almost all information you are looking for about almost anything you want to do is at the reach of your thumb and all you have to do is to know what are you actually looking for and at the same time you can also sell the information you have. But how? will tell you later keep on reading

Majority of us grew up in the Industrial Age whereby we were told that we must go to school, get good grades, go to tertiary and get a job, become a specialist and work for yourself if you did careers like being a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, etc. We were just never told that we can also create our own opportunities, invent or innovate the only thing we knew was to make a CV, get a job and work for someone else but thanks to the Information Age, we can now use our wisdom instead of still following the old knowledge that we were taught in class room and the best example of people who used wisdom and created something that was not there before will be Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook), he made socialising so easy, quick and fun, Google guys made searching for information so easy, the list is endless, the point I am trying to bring here is that you no longer have to make a CV and go out there to  look for a job but you can search for the job using your smartphone, laptop and PC or start an internet business by selling some Information which you might know and I don’t know by join affiliate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate program and if you have information you want to sell, you can join Udemy.com and Clickbank University, those are just one of the few best that I know of, you can search for more based on your interest and besides that you can become a Youtuber by making videos on Youtube and monetise them, in order to find out how you can do that please click HERE and follow those instructions on how its done. Am doing all this as a my way of offering a helping hand out there and make a difference in your life, maybe you wondering why am I sharing all this valuable information with you free, it is because I  care about making a difference more than money itself and I am at stage of giving out things free because I want to see a lot people doing good, if I was selling this information you wouldn’t have known about some the websites mentioned above.

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Please note I have nothing to do with links given out on this blog, I don’t own any of them neither their affiliate, all this is done in the name of helping out. Again am not against doing things the old school way, neither I am saying you must quit school but just giving out an eye opener. 

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