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Do Not Register If Your Time Bank Account Is Empty

I believe we all love to have someone that we can love and be loved back of which it is something natural anyway because love or loving is something embedded in us, even the most cruel person that you know, they have someone they love.

Why my heading “Do Not Register If Your Time Bank Account Is Empty”? I have seen and i have been to relationships that were really good at the beginning but failed to prosper due to partners or one of them not having time for the relationship anymore. Question that arises would be what could be the causes to that? The following I found to be the causes:

1. Emotions were in control and there was just lot of excitement in the 1st month or 2.
– people who just got out of hurtful relationships have a tendency to behave like that.
– Someone who just have that lust to be with you can do that(To know how to avoid such people please refer to my other topic of What Is A Relationship).

2. Both partners or one of them knowing very well that they have a busy schedule but they are not honest about it upfront due to emotions as well and the fear of losing the potential boyfriend or girlfriend.
– It is very nice to meet the person you really love but if you will not be honest about how busy you are then just because you fear losing then when you actually get dumped for not having time for the relationship that will hurt even more.

All relationships are time and communication driven, it doesn’t matter how many years you have been together but the quality of time you have spent together is what matter the most not the quantity of time.
Communication on its own needs to be intact because you might have time but only to find that you have poor communication with your partner.

My suggestion for a healthy and a long lasting relationship is that if you are a busy person or in a long distance relationship, make sure that every morning when you wake up you text your partner, that will mean a lot for the survival of the relationship and then in the evening just before you go to bed give yourself that 30min to call or chat with your partner, that shows you dedication on how much you want the relationship to work out. If you ever say to you partner that you don’t have time that paints bad picture about you because if you don’t have time then why in the 1st place did you want to be in the relationship?

A relationship is a full-time job so if you do not have time for it then I will be honest with you do not waste another child’s emotions and feelings because you are not the only person who can love him or her better there is always someone who can do better than you and give all the attention needed. If you are time broke please stay single but remember this we all have 24 hours in a day and we don’t find time but we make time, when you love someone it doesn’t matter how busy you are, we all do get that 30 min of idling that we can either use for a call or texting. Stop making excuses and love your partner or don’t start a relationship if you are not ready for that kind of a job position.

I wish you happy and a healthy relationship, God bless you.

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One comment on “Do Not Register If Your Time Bank Account Is Empty


Mhhhhh so true! People tend to be more comfortable in relationships because they have been together many years.”Communication”is the way to keep it going. Wise words Mxo

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