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Solutions To Financial Struggles


  • STAGE 1: – Month end (Salary Paid) – excitement for 2 minutes – Debit orders going through until the 7th – Shopping including grocery – Save some something – Emergency situation comes up and you use the savings.
  • STAGE 2: – the 15th you are left with about 20% of your salary looking forward to month end again – 20th thoughts about changing your job and getting a new one become more appealing.
  • STAGE 3: – 25th sending out CVs – 28th you discuss how little is your salary with fellow colleagues and you discuss how many debts you have and talk about month end –
  • STAGE 4: – 29th you getting paid but you are stressed on the other side that you will be left with nothing and you ask yourself “what can i do?” –
  • FINAL STAGE 5: – 30th ching ching money in and you have forgotten what to do and BACK TO STAGE 1 OF YOUR CYCLE.
  • If your life is currently like that, you are not happy in your life and your ego/pride/laziness and procrastination is killing you my friend. Swallow your ego, you need help my friend and a good financial advise. Or else depression is your next friend and drinking alcohol every week or every month will become a good and appealing habit to you because you are running away from yourself and you probably have a partner who is not helping you have better finances.

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