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Are you in a RELATIONSHIP or EXPECTATIONSHIP? by Myself and Michael Miguel Masombuka


“There is a difference between a relationship and expectationship


you expect him/her to
–love you
–take care of you
–make you happy
–do things for you
–understand everything even if it means settling for less
—to provide infact the phrase “a man must provide it’s misinterpreted and challened to monetary provision only nothing beyond. care can be provided, love can be provided, protection.
— love each other
–take care of each other
–make each other happy
-trust each other
–provide each other and we don’t channel it to monetary provision only but we believe anything we provide each other we are thankful for it and not expecting anything more.
–we call each other and text each other
–buy each other presents
–making love is mutual benefit and feelings
everything this side is two ways.” @Michael Miguel Masombuka


EXPECTATIONSHIP will always get you hurt and you not done changing partners especially with “the man must provide” syndrome by some females who got doomed by how their mothers lived before. In the olden days “man must provide” syndrome used to be effective, women were not allowed to work but produce babies, now women can do anything a man can do so why must you still carry the old mentality you got from your mom and your bible?

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