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Speaking Life Into Troubled Souls


Learn how to be in control of your mind by always speaking positive or it will be in control of you and when the mind is in control it does the following:

1. You will speak negative about yourself, words such as “I am always sick around this time of the year, being sick is just a norm to me, being sick is normal for everyone(well I used to believe in that till I deleted those words in my vocabulary, its been years now, even flu or your simple headache can’t play on me.). You can pray about this which will work for certain period but if you do not delete those words in your vocabulary you are bound to be sick.

2. You will have a number of people you hate, hate is a chemical busy running in your body, ever noticed how you feel when that person you hate shows up? where do you think that energy is dumped after you felt it?…In your body you got that right and once dumped in your body you gotta be sick or somehow just have a pain you do not understand.
3. You will have stress once your mind is in control and you will have your professional giving you pills just to reduce the rate of that stress but in reality by drinking pills you creating a resistance of the chemical in your mind which will kill you after those pills can no longer reduce it.

4. You will be proud that you are short-tempered and people close to you must get used to that(Nah you are full anger and I know you may wanna try and defend that but I won’t argue you coz it won’t be talking anyway).

5. You may even enjoy to see same people you love getting hurt because of you or maybe find it normal that you and your lover must have arguments once in a while and if your relationship becomes peacefully you just have a way of starting an unnecessary argument which can be started from a simple phone call or a simple conversation that ends up in big argument.

6. This may shock you and you may wanna get your biology notes or your medunsa notes but doctors and nurses are just body mechanics and not spiritual mechanics, if you are a person who attend gym, you run or any regular exercise and you still find yourself being caught by flu/headache, something inside of you is wrong(something is not making you happy or you hate someone or you are complaining about something internally, etc), you need to do self introspection and once you get rid of what is wrong, flu or headache will be a thing of the past in your life.

I can go on the whole day with this and trust me, I speak from experience, you may deny me coz I know that it has been spread that all the above things are normal to happen, well that will be your uncontrolled mind speaking, so I will worry not about your being against what I mentioned here. But ungizwile and you have nothing to lose by trying what I told you to delete the negative words and all the negative beliefs. I just gave you a lesson on spiritual healing.

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